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Food Truck Neighborhood/Community Visits/Corporate


*30 person minimum to book truck

-HOAs/Reps, Apartment Management, Authorized Community/Event leader, 

or Coordinator MUST fill out the request

We are ONLY available to Concord, Charlotte, and its surrounding areas within 20 miles

-Typical hours of Operation- Any time between 8 am and 2 pm

-Truck Parking area must have at least 45 feet of clear space

-Truck CANNOT park on hills, slopes, driveways, SURFACE MUST BE on leveled ground

-Please be sure that your designated space is clear of vehicles, or anything that would obstruct maneuvering and parking for our trailer.

-Neighborhood visits are typically open to surrounding neighborhoods as well as to the public.

-Any "closed" event bookings will be considered a *Private


*(Private Event services will be subjected to a minimum, $300 set-up fee,

not to include the catering/private menu pricing)

Please fill out the below form. The completion of this form is only a request and does not guarantee booking for your community or neighborhood. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience to discuss and finalize details

Neighborhood/Event Access
Approx number of People or Homes in Community
Is there access to Restroom Facilites

Thanks for submitting!

Truck Visit Request: Price Quote
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