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Welcome to our Pancake Boards & Boxes Page!

The concept of displaying an array of fruits, pancakes on a wooden board, is not a new thing. However, it is exclusive to our business model.  This unique catering experience, is specifically designed for groups of 25 or less,  Our Owner and Chef, Joy Eggleston, handcrafts each box or board personally, and takes great care to make sure that every bite is special and enjoyable to your palate. All food provided is from scratch, natural ingredients. No two boards or boxes are alike! Chef looks forward to creating your one of a kind display of culinary goodness,  for your next gathering with the people you love and enjoy.

There are two Categories of  Services; The Drop Off option, which is only available for the Personal boxes and Mini boxes. The boxes are prepared offsite and assembled then delivered directly to you. 

The second option, is the Onsite Set Up. Which would involve the *below requirements. Chef Joy personally assembles your food on a wooden board provided by us, for you and  your guest at your venue, home, office, etc. This service is for the Small to Large Boards. 

Boards have to be assembled onsite, and cannot not preassembled for drop off delivery.


Presently we do not offer larger catering options for the Pancake Boards, Due to the, work time and effort that goes into the preparation of this style of catering, Multiple boards (i.e, ordering 2 Sizes of boards) are not an option.


Large group 30+catering options are available for Drop Off Traditional Catering. Please email us at to receive more information.

(Although the boards provided, are beautiful, unfortunately our customers are not allowed to keep them, and they're not available for purchase)

Booking Requirements & Fees

Carefully read all the information provided, before requesting a quote




-INDOOR, Air Conditioned Space, is Required to retain the integrity of our product

-No Services will be delivered prior to 7:00 am

-Pancake Boards are prepped prior to delivery, and assembled onsite. With the exception of the "Mini and Personal Boxes which are preassembled prior to delivery) ​

-Tables, or Counter space must be ample for Board set up (*see table/counter requirments below)

-Hot items are delivered and assembled at room temperature. You will need a heating mechanism to reheat your hot food items. (i.e., microwave, stove etc) 


*Dimensions listed, are needed to accommodate board size as well as presentation items


28x30 or greater


38x38 or greater


44x44 or greater


Delivery Fees

All Deliveries are subjected to a Delivery fee, calculated as a round trip, at the average mileage fee of $0.57 per mile from our base. 

Mini Box and Personal Box are calculated as a one-way trip at the same fee.

Out of state delivery is available for Addtl fees, including Travel, food, and lodging


Events, properties, commercial or residential with second flight entrances, will incur a fee of $25 per flight

(This fee only applies, if there is no working elevator)


-All food items

-Wooden Board

-Presentation items


At your own expense

-Reheating mechanism (microwave, oven, stove, chafing dishes, etc)

-Plates, flatware, napkins, etc

-Extra containers for left over food transfer (There will be PLENTY of leftovers :-) )

**The Small- Large Boards are assembled and set up onsite, one hour to 2 hrs before your serve time. We will return at a later time on the same day to pick up items not designated as disposables. The Wooden Board is for display, and assembly, and not to be kept by patrons. 

All items are to be carefully handled. There is  a $250-400 Breakage fee, if any items are returned broken or damaged.

Mini and Personal Boxes are drop off delivery only.

Boards & Catering: List

Pancake Boards & Boxes

All Boards Come with Assorted Fruit, Eggs, and Meat Sides

*(Turkey and Vegan options are available. Egg style can be customized at request)

Choose from the following Flavors: Buttermilk, Blueberry, Cinnamon Roll, Red Velvet

Drop Off Charcuterie Services

Drop off services are only available for the Personal and Mini Boxes. These boxes are abundantly fiiled with fresh fruit, your choice of pancakes, savory breakfast meats and eggs.
Especially, and personally handcrafted, with love,
by Chef Joy.
Your Box will be delivered already prepackaged and ready for your enjoyment!

Personal Box

Feeds One

Menu Items:

  • 7 Mini Pancakes

  • One Pancake Flavor Choice

  • One Meat Side

  • Side of our Signature

  •           Scrambled Eggs

  • Assorted Fruit

  • Orange Juice or Apple Juice

**Two box minimum

*Group purchasing available

for this item

Starting at:



Mini Box

Feeds 1-2 People

Menu Items

  • 16 Mini Pancakes

  • Choose up to TWO Pancake Flavors

  • Choose up to  TWO Breakfast meats

  • Our Signature Scrambled Eggs

  • Assortment of Seasonal Fruit

Starting at:


Onsite Service

The onsite service is a unique experience. Chef Joy prepares all food items offsite, then assembles everything on specially made wooden boards. Creating one of a kind design just for you and your guest
**Please see the Booking Requirement section at top of page

Small Board

Sample picture,

all displays are of a kind

Feeds 4-6 People

Menu Items

  • 18 Full-Size Pancakes

  • Choose up to TWO Pancake Flavors

  • Choose up to  TWO Breakfast meats

  • Our Signature Scrambled Eggs

  • Assortment of Seasonal Fruit

Starting at:



Medium Board

Sample picture,

all displays are of a kind

Feeds 10-15

Menu Items

  • 42 Full-size Pancakes

  • Choose up to THREE Pancake Flavors

  • Choose up to THREE Breakfast meats

  • Our Signature Scrambled Eggs

  • Assortment of Seasonal Fruit

Starting at:


Large Board

Sample picture,

all displays are of a kind

Feeds up to 25

Menu Items

  • 75 Full-size Pancakes

  • Choose up to FOUR Pancake Flavors

  • Choose up to FOUR Breakfast meats

  • Our Signature Scrambled Eggs

  • Assortment of Seasonal Fruit

Starting at:


Boards & Catering: Price List
Add-ons & Extras

-Addtl Pancakes-$40 for ten pancakes

   (Mini Board - $20 for 16 pancakes)


Mini Charcuterie Board

Chef's Selection of cured meats and specialty cheeses


 Smoked Salmon, mini bagels, cream cheese & red onions

Cheese & Crackers  

Chef's selection of different types of cheeses and assorted crackers

​Smoked Sausage Medley

Smoked Beef or Turkey sausage sauteed with peppers and onions

Loaded Chicken & Potato Hash

Ground Chicken , Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Honey Crisp Apples and Kale. Seasoned to perfection with a special breakfast blend

Salmon Flight

Chefs Choice of Cut in three Flavors of Salmon. 


-$20 Mini Bottle 2 Champagne Glasses (mini bottle of premium Champagne & Orange Juice)

-$45 Half Carafe apprx 6-10 Champagne Glasses

-$65 Full Carafe apprx 11-14 Champagne Glasses

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