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27 Pancakes Breakfast & Brunch, is a one of a kind food truck in Columbia, SC.  Giving the city a bevy of gourmet pancakes on the go, with the best flavors and the best customer service by far. 27 Pancakes Breakfast & Brunch, is committed to quality at every turn, utilizing the freshest and finest ingredients to make up those delicious mouthwatering cakes

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What's Your Pancake Style?


The Perfect Choice

You will never go wrong with the classic, traditional style Buttermilk pancake. The Classic is Served with whipped butter, and warm maple syrup. You can also opt to mix and match any available syrup and topping to give your pancake a personalized touch.

Pancakes with a Twist

Our gourmet Pancakes come in a variety of different flavors and toppings. Choose from our rotating monthly menu, of delicious flavors. These pancakes are all paired with a customized syrup and topping. You can also opt to mix and match from any of the other available syrups and toppings, to give your pancake an even more personal touch

Salty Savory... No-Sweet Zone

The savory pancake is for the person who wants to break away from traditional sweet pancakes and open their palate up to the savory side of life. These pancakes are filled with ingredients that will definitely get your taste buds jumping. From the Chorizo Potato pancake served with fresh Salsa, to the Onion Sausage &Cheddar pancake served with a dollop of sour cream and chives, and so many others. These pancakes and many other savory options will be included in the monthly rotation menu.


Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 9am -1pm
Sunday: Closed

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